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Program Advice

Know the rules of your degree program and how to make the most of your study with us.

Services which can assist you with Program Advice

  • Careers

    02 4921 5588

    The Careers Service offers appointments with Careers Counsellors for assistance with resumes, job applications and career planning . Careers also offers online support through Blackboard and the jobs and information service, CareerHub. Services are available to all current students and graduates of the University.

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  • Counselling

    02 4921 5801

    The Counselling Service provides free and confidential counselling for all students. Our counsellors are professionally qualified psychologists and social workers. We offer support, information and assistance to clarify and resolve a range of issues, which might otherwise interfere with personal wellbeing or academic effectiveness. Personal issues may include stress, anxiety,…

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  • ESOS

    02 4921 7897

    The ESOS Student Compliance unit provides advice and guidance to students and staff regarding ESOS Legislation and Student Visa compliance. They work closely with other areas of the university to ensure the student is provided with the correct information and supported as required.

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  • Learning Development

    02 4921 6533

    The team at Learning Development works with students to help them learn and write effectively. Dedicated Learning Advisers can help you with essay writing, study skills, mathematics and statistics, and English language skills. They offer self-help resources, workshops, econsults and student consultations.

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  • PASS

    02 4985 4907

    PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Sessions. This program consists of one hour weekly review sessions for students. PASS provides an opportunity for students in one course to compare notes, discuss difficult concepts and review weekly material in an informal setting. The sessions will be conducted by a PASS Leader,…

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  • Program Officers

    02 4921 5000

    A Program Officer has thorough knowledge of a degree program and can help you ensure that you are following the requirements and structure of the degree program. Duties include the provision of program and course advice, assessing credit applications, processing cross-institutional applications as well as qualifying students when they are…

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  • Student Hubs

    02 4921 5000

    The Student Hubs are your first point of contact for essential student services at the University of Newcastle. Each Hub offers access to information about the University's facilities, services and procedures and has computer and printing facilities. They are also your pick up point for essential items like your student…

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